Designing Our Resort Wear 2022 Collection

Designing Our Resort Wear 2022 Collection

A fashion collection is a curated line of garments which has some elements in common. It is a collection created for a specific season and housed within a line.

Have you ever wondered how a collection is created? We thought we'd take you behind the scenes and show you how we are designing our resort wear 2022 collection, from concept to completion. Below is a timeline of our design process:

The first stage is when we gather any basic ideas and begin to consider how these concepts can be combined to make a collection. Then we keep gathering ideas and start to blend them to create something fresh and interesting while also ensuring that they are consistent with our brand and can be produced within our target pricing range. 

After that, we focus on the collection concept. The theme that we use as an inspiration for our prints is called a collection concept. It is best to keep trends and forecasts in mind, when finalising the concept.

Making a moodboard to express a broad concept or emotion about the chosen theme is the final step in the initial design process. Below is an example of a moodboard based on the Sea Jungle theme that includes visuals as well as colour swatches.

From here on, the concept is more clearer since we have all of the tools we need i.e  print inspiration and colour palette; to develop and decide the prints for the collection. So, below is an example of the designed prints for the resort wear 2022 collection.

As we saw a palette of 5 tones, our prints collection gained character and colour consistency. These are the combination of colours and designs that keep us out from visual monotony. This is only a sample of what we do; the possibilities are endless!

Stay tuned for our next post on fashion illustrations!

First Resort is a resort wear brand by Ramola Bachchan, browse our collection.

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