Enhance Your Kaftan Look

Enhance Your Kaftan Look

The origins of kaftans, a variation of 'robe' or 'tunic', are from the ancient Mesopotamian Period, and have been worn for almost thousands of years in a variety of cultures around the world. The free-flowing style design has a strong resemblance to Bohemian free & flow philosophy. Today, kaftans stand for 'boho-chic' which was originally popular as beachwear. Kaftans are now worn as either casual apparel or formal evening wear.

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Want to know how to pull off the easy-to-wear kaftans look?

  • All you need is to move from a relaxed daytime look to a nighttime party by shifting to your favourite heels or wedges
  • Use a beautiful and sleek belt to give your kaftan form
  • Wear it with a sash to give it an extra edge
  • Tie your hair either in a top bun or go for a messy beach-ready look
  • Combine your kaftan with a contrasting turban for a unique look
  • Luxuriously accessorise with bracelets, necklaces, hats, ties, earrings, sunglasses, gems, pearls and headbands to master the boho-chic look
  • Choose kaftans of various lengths and wear it over palazzo or legging to create different looks
  • Play with wearing a coordinate jacket over a kaftan for an evening party

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