Explore Our Pregnancy and Maternity Outfits

Explore Our Pregnancy and Maternity Outfits

There was a time when maternity outfits did not necessarily align with the on-trend styles, but we are here to tell you how comfortable and fashionable they can be! Pregnancy is both beautiful and stressful, and the last thing on your mind should be how to organise your closet. Styling yourself through 9 months of constant physical change might be difficult, but we have a few tricks up our sleeves to keep you looking fashionable at all times. We even have your back for some go-to staple outfits that can make the postpartum and nursing season so much better! It's time to reintroduce bump fashion in the industry.

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Learn to embrace colours and patterns to add interest to your maternity look. These days, it's fashionable to flaunt your baby bump, and there are lots of maternity clothes that may help you do that. Kaftans can pep up your fashion game instantly and keep you relaxed 24/7 with no hassle. To show off your baby bump get your hands on this black and green full length kaftan.

A woman likes to wear a comfortable and lightweight pregnancy dress or maternity suit while pregnant. Frill dresses are appropriate in this case and can be readily worn due to their free-size design. Check out this white frill dress designed to fit pregnant figures well.

Without a doubt, comfort is essential during pregnancy! It's all too tempting to go toward ensembles that are really baggy and loose. However, it's important to select ones that are well-fitting and designed to be flowy. You no longer need to let your sleeves hang loosely down your arms. The great thing about kaftans is how they cinch in just the right places. Check out this classy yet comfortable parrot green pearl full length kaftan.

Many people believe that layering will make them appear bulkier, however this is a myth. If done correctly, layering can work wonders. We recommend pairing a loose cape with a simple inner. Get your hands on this free-form beige animal print cape.

Pregnant or not, many women don’t choose bold designs or horizontal patterns, thinking that it would make them seem a little broader. Kaftans are designed to suit the bump and help you look glamorous wherever you go. Have a look at this free-flowing and comfortable red baroque full length kaftan.

The key to a great maternity wardrobe is to select pieces that are versatile and can be worn with almost any of your maternity options while also providing comfort. The shirt dress is probably the most adaptable pattern for a pregnant woman. Checkout this easy go-to black silk shirt dress you can mix and match with everything.

Anything loose-fitting is your best friend in the first few weeks and postpartum time. Nursing friendly tunics are ideal for such times especially if it's comfortable. Take a look at this button-down loose-fitting pink tropical printed tunic that has a generous amount of room for the stomach, a flattering tail and is easy to nurse in.

Discover the most trendy outfits in every size! Hop on to the www.firstresort.in and find all your favourite pregnancy outfits that come in various colours, styles, and patterns. Stay tuned for more updates!

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