Go Geometric - A Play of Shapes and Colours

Go Geometric - A Play of Shapes and Colours

From vertical and horizontal stripes to triangular and angular patterns, you can never go wrong when it comes to geometric patterns in fashion. The trend is becoming increasingly popular on red carpets as well as for holidays and when worn in a beautiful manner, it can be a great way to give your outfit a modern and unique look.

First Resort is a resort wear brand by Ramola Bachchan, browse our collection.

Easy-to-wear geometric prints will add a contemporary twist, while injecting some pattern and texture into both day and night looks. Look bold and add a dash of eye-catching geometric style to your wardrobe.

This look is enhanced with tassel lace stitched all around the garment and comes in different colour options.

Checkout our full Geometric Print collection here.

You will definitely find different geometric prints from busy overlapping shapes to simple stripe ones, the options are huge!

Let your style stand apart from the rest. Snatch this easy-breezy geometric print kaftan tunic with a tie-up neckline.

See some bright colour combinations made out of different shapes to create a cohesive design and how these shapes connect can create new and interesting effects of geometric print. Browse our collection.
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