What Kind of Digital Prints Do You Wear?

What Kind of Digital Prints Do You Wear?

Have you ever wondered what kinds of prints you wear?

Usually, colours and styles is what we focus on but there is one more aspect which is always overlooked and that is fashion prints. These are the creative designs made on the fabric or garment using the impression of paints or dyes. Read this article to find out the most well known fashion prints.

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Floral Print

The floral print has returned and is as famous as ever!

Flowers have always been a symbol of beauty and women irrespective of age or origin enjoy wearing these famous prints. Floral printed garments can always work for a sunny, easygoing climate, and once you start packing for your trip, it’s time to put away the dark colours and step into floral designs. Pair a dress with an all-over floral print, with high-heeled sandals and stunning earrings for a feminine look.

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Geometric Print

From vertical and horizontal stripes to triangular and angular patterns, you can never go wrong when it comes to geometric patterns in fashion.

The trend is becoming increasingly popular on red carpets as well as for holidays and when worn in a beautiful manner, it can be a great way to give your outfit a modern and unique look. Easy-to-wear geometric print will add a contemporary twist, while injecting some pattern and texture into both day and night looks.

Look bold and add a dash of eye-catching geometric print to your wardrobe.

Abstract Print

Combine high fashion with abstract art!

You may use abstract art to depict a world of various fabrics for which you can not find an exact print name, such as geometric, or stripes. The beauty of abstract print is you can be as creative as you want with what you decide to pair it with. It interacts with its uniquely designed patterns and striking colours and often collaborates with various printed genres and stands out as a fierce and bold pattern design.

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Animal Print

The history of this print, when wearing such a style was a sign of high status and wealth, goes back to the days of kings and queens.

This thought still persists to this date. What else would amp up your wardrobe? Buy today and wear forever because this perennial trend has already been on repeat for many years.

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